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In the sign industry, we are second to none in the area of facia restoration.

Frequently when a sign has been removed or replaced, the surface to which the sign was attached needs to be cleaned, repaired, and repainted.

As necessary, we will repair soffits and flashings, and frame-in and manufacture facias. We will patch the holes left by removed signs and brackets, restore the finish on “exterior insulation & finish systems” (EIFS), wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, block, marble, etc. If necessary, aluminum or vinyl siding can be repaired or replaced in a professional manner. Finally, we will pressure-wash and/or paint the surface to restore it to its “like new” condition. Our technicians have professional on-site paint matching and spraying equipment to minimize cost and delays.

Our work is not complete until no one can identify the restored area from the original or surrounding areas.