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Valley Signs and Surveys will conduct complete sign surveys for new installations, or rebranding when existing facilities are purchased or merged.

The surveys will include digital photographs and detailed site diagrams with appropriate dimensions, recommendations for electrical access, color, fascia, types of signs, sizes, etc. All of this will be included in a custom brandbook for the site. When required, we will perform local or national code research and apply for, and obtain any permits for the signage on the site. Valley Signs and Surveys will also provide expert and meaningful recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness of the advertising and brand recognition.

When companies merge or are purchased and the new company has finalized their plans for signage and rebranding, Valley Signs and Surveys will provide prompt punch-list service anywhere in the country. Punch-list services include installation of new signs, electrical installation, fascia restoration, landscaping, and anything else required to insure that the new facility has the proper signage and that the rebranding in complete and satisfactory.