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While we routinely provide our services on a nationwide basis, we are uniquely situated in the Tennessee Valley area to provide, in addition to our normal services, routine and preventive maintenance services to our local clients/customers. This service includes such things as light bulb and ballast replacement in malfunctioning illuminated signs, parking lot lighting and building security lighting maintenance; troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems; repairing wind, storm, vandalism or other damage; pressure washing and cleaning signs inside and out; repainting, inspection of electrical components and structural integrity; etc.

To be free from worry about your sign maintenance and upkeep, contract with Valley Signs and Surveys. Our goal is to provide 48-hour service when necessary.

We also strive to deliver on-demand emergency service whenever possible. When your illuminated sign won’t light, your sign was hit by lightening and toppled over onto your driveway, your sign is in danger of falling from its support, or any other type of emergency, call us. We will do everything possible to rectify the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.